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Come and discover the Court of Italy! It is the Royal Residences of Turin and Piedmont, UNESCO  World Heritage Site: maisons de plaisance and sumptuous gardens, theater of the refined court life and a real proof of the Savoy House hegemony. In this journey through ages you will experience stunning settings and an extraordinary cultural heritage, unforgettable moments to live with your family, in couple or among friends for a day like a King!



MUSEO NAZIONALE DEL RISORGIMENTO ITALIANO - Dal 15/07/22 al 08/01/23On the 140th anniversary of his death, the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento presents an exhibition dedicated to the narrative and myth that developed around Giuseppe Garibaldi, an iconic figure who was born in the mid-19th century and whose long wave has spread to the present day. 

In the exhibition, curated by the Museum's director Ferruccio Martinotti, more than 300 objects from all over the world (including ceramics, smoking articles, toys, drawing and sticker albums, comic books, photostories, records, advertisements, books and everyday objects) tell the story of his global hero status.

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