Residenze Reali


Reggia Di Venaria: Sfida Al Barocco Roma Torino Parigi 1680 - 1750

30/05/2020 - 20/09/2020
More than 200 masterpieces coming from the most prestigious museums and collections all over the world, for an unmissable exhibition, set up in the majestic spaces of Citroniera Juvarriana of Reggia di Venaria, spectacular monumental complex at the doors of Turin, splendor of Baroque architecture proclaimed a world heritage site by Unesco.
The Baroque challenge is launched by the artists in the name of modernity with the experimentation of new forms and communication languages elaborated between 1680 and 1750. A research that develops between Rome and Paris, the two poles of attraction of modern Europe, with which Turin of that time started an intense dialogue made of ideas and exchange of operas and texts, that contributed to an epochal season of artistic renewal on the international scene.


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