MERENDA REALE ® a dip in old - fashioned settings

The Royal Chocolate Time can be a travel through time: taste a Merenda Reale® in the historic cafés of the town or in the cafeterias of the Royal Residences. Choose between a steaming hot chocolate or a Bicerin, presented with the irresistible "bagnati"(small bisquits for dipping) and other chocolate specialties, or - in summer- choose between the cold Bisquit (mousse of dark chocolate) or a delicious Zabaglione cream accompanied by sweet specialties: torcetti, lingue di gatto, and canestrelli.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable sweet break!

WHEN: every week- end

Royal Residences: Cafeteria of Castello di Rivoli*, Caffè Madama of Palazzo Madama*, Caffè Reale
Historic cafés: Caffè Elena, Caffè San Carlo, Gelateria Pepino dal 1884, Caffetteria Orangerie Gerla 1927, Torrefazione Moderna

*the price for the "merenda" at this cafetteria does NOT include the fee for the admission to the Residence

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RATES MERENDA REALE: starting from €10,00

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